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Fields surrounding Vlierbeek Abbey

Kessel-Lo (population 26,000) is a town in Belgium. It is a borough of Leuven North of Leuven proper. Kessel-Lo is bordered by Holsbeek, Lubbeek, and several other municipalities that are part of Leuven (including Leuven proper, Heverlee, and Wijgmaal).
Its name is derived from “Kessel” (from the Latin “Castellum” for fortress, referring to a fortress that once stood on the kesselmountain) and “Lo” (forest clearing).
Kessel-Lo is home to the Provinciaal Domein Kessel-Lo, a large provincial park with ponds, playgrounds, soccer fields, and other areas for recreational activities. The town is also known for Vlierbeek Abbey, an old Benedictine abbey built in 1125.
Several youth organisations are present in Kessel-Lo, such as Chiro Don Bosco, Chiro Vlierbeek, Scouts Vlierbeek, Chiro Blauwput, Chiro Hekeko, Scouts De Vlievleger and Scouts Boven-lo.
A local brewery has recently been founded called “De Vlier”. They brew a blond beer called “Kessel’s Blond”.
Kessel-Lo is also the proud home of the Rugby Club Leuven.
Coordinates: 50°54′N 4°45′E / 50.900°N 4.750°E / 50.900; 4.750

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